3 in 1 premium filter bags VORWERK FP200, 6 pack

Three filters in one – with an integrated HEPA filter. Suitable for allergy sufferers – FP200 filter bag is the world’s only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag!

Filterbag volume2,2 l
Package contentsOne packet contains six Vorwerk FP200 Premium Filter bags

The Vorwerk VK200’s premium filter bag combines 3 layers of filtration to capture 99.99% of allergy causing substances. Every layer in the 3in1 Premium Filterbag meets special requirements:

1) The pre-filter layer consists of a very voluminous textile material which holds back coarse contamination and which contains anti-odour pearls. The porous structure of the pearls retains bad odours and securely enclouses them.
2) The hygiene micro-filter (HEPA) holds back fine dust particles and micro-particles.
3) The outer layer, consisting of very strong textile material, safeguards the durability and stability of the filterbag.

The Vorwerk VK200 and its filtration system have been accredited as “suitable for allergy sufferers” and the premium filter bag is the world’s only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag. They garantee optimal room air hygiene. Fresh air when vacuuming. Odours are directliy neutralised in the filter system. No more cleaning and replacing HEPA filters. The bag which holds the dirt in the vacuum also acts as a filter. So when you change the premium filter bag it’s like having a brand new vacuum cleaner!
The automatic dust closure ensures that all sucked up substances remain in the Premium Filterbag when it is replaced. It is easy to replace the Vorwerk FP200 3in1 Premium Filterbag (2,2 L) thanks to innovative technology: simply place the bundled filterbag with its sleeve in the filter compartment (without fussy positioning), close the cover and off you go. Replacement is only necessary when the LED filter level display on the Upright Vacuum Cleaner lights up fully orange.
Always well stocked: One packet contains six Vorwerk FP200 Premium Filter bags.

Price: 25 €

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