Cleaning concentrate gc100 200ml

So economical and yet no streaks! The GC100 Glass Cleaning Concentrate and your VG100 Window Cleaner removes dirt from glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors and glass tables in no time at all. The GC100 is a perfect match for the VG100 Window Cleaner.

Economical: 3-5 ml is sufficient for a glass surface of approximately 20m 2. The economic dispensing of the GC100 Glass Cleaning Concentrate means it lasts for at least 40 applications.


The GC100 Glass Cleaning Concentrate has a special composition that ensures a rapid and even distribution of the cleaning agent. The concentrate is absorbed within a few seconds by the microfibre cloth for optimal cleaning results. The “High Performance” surface active agents included in the GC100 enables the simple vacuuming away of the dirty water leaving the surface dry and streak-free.


Consists of 1 200ml bottle of Cleaning Concentrate GC100.

Price: 2,50 €

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