Concentrated cleaning agent KOBOCLEAN Universal 500 ml

Gentle cleaning, powerful performance: you only need to add 5ml of Koboclean Universal to 500ml of water for optimal cleaning results with the Vorwerk Kobold SP 530 or 600 Hard Floor Cleaner. This cleaning concentrate is also very efficient: a single 500ml bottle is enough for cleaning up to 100 times!

Package contentsConcentrated cleaning agent KOBOCLEAN Universal 500 ml

Excellent cleaning results are guaranteed during vacuum wiping with the Vorwerk SP600 Vacuum Mop, in combination with the Koboclean Cleaning Agent. The concentrated cleaning agent Koboclean is suitable for cleaning various types of sealed hard floors. Thanks to its high cleaning power, even stubborn dirt can be removed reliably. Koboclean satisfies all requirements regarding environmental compatibility and biodegradability. The cleaning agent is available as Koboclean Parquet which has been specially developed for cleaning wood surfaces (cork, parquet floors and laminate) and also as Koboclean Universal for cleaning all other wet wipeable surfaces (e.g. tiles, PVC). The concentrated cleaning agent Koboclean must be diluted before being used. It must not be applied undiluted.

Centle deep-cleansing, powerful performance. Extremely high yield: 1 bottle (500 ml) is sufficient for vacuum wiping up to 500 times. Promotes quick drying of the moisture film after vacuum wiping.

Price: 9 €

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