LAVENIA mattress cleaning powder (6x120g)

We recommend Lavenia for cleaning mattresses. Lavenia not only easily removes dust, but also bacteria, mite faeces and mould spores to a large extent. Lavenia received the TÜV NORD certificate “Suitable for allergy sufferers, effectively reduces allergens”.

Package contentsOne packet contains 6 bags of Lavenia (120 g each)

Free your mattress from allergy causing substances such as dust mite feces and mould spores with LAVENIA snow. Lavenia contains only mild substances that conform to the European cosmetics directive.

Lavenia is suitable for allergy sufferers. Lavenia is suitable for all textile and firm mattresses with taut surfaces. One sachet is enough for a mattress measuring 1m x 2m. You can adjust the quantity to the size of the mattress.

Acts thoroughly and gently at the same time. Promotes restful, health sleep. Fast, simple application: Only contains very mild substances.
One packet contains 6 bags of Lavenia (120 g each), sufficient for 6 mattresses (1×2 m).

Price: 20 €

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