Our Story



Vorwerk owes its status as an internationally successful and old established company to its readiness to embrace change and its mission to produce exceptional quality. Vorwerk & Co. was founded in Wuppertal in 1883 and, over the more than 130 years of the company’s history, has made the transition from carpet factory to a broadly diversified, international corporate group. Nevertheless, Vorwerk remains a family business to this day.

Vorwerk develops, produces and supplies its household appliances exclusively to the sales organizations of the Thermomix ®, Kobold and Temial divisions.

Kobold division

Vorwerk Kobold is one of Vorwerk’s oldest-established divisions and one of the company’s best-known segments. When Vorwerk invented the original Kobold upright vacuum cleaner in 1929, it succeeded in building powerful suction into a very small space. Driven by innovations, today’s Kobold product line encompasses not only the upright and canister-type vacuum cleaners, but also a robot vacuum, cordless vacuums and a window cleaner.

Innovation made by Vorwerk

Vorwerk Engineering regularly brings highly innovative, new household appliances to market maturity. There are over 120 people on the Research and Development team, constantly working on new ideas of exceptional innovative strength, as witnessed by the large number of patents they have earned. These premium Vorwerk products are manufactured at the company’s own production facilities in Wuppertal, Germany; Cloyes, France; and Shanghai, China.